Online Casino Minimum System Requirements

How can you enjoy a online casino bonus or a casino welcome bonus if your computer doesn’t even meet the Online Casino Minimum System Requirements?

Knowing the minimum system requirements when playing online games is significant to ensure that you can have the best online gaming experience ever.  Online casinos are usually powered by online casino software so it is important that you know the minimum system requirements so that the software will work perfectly.

Online casino games are usually played in your computer.  With the use of the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, the processor, the operating system and the internet connection, you can have the best online gaming experience.  If at least one of these qualifications is absent, then your online gaming experience will suffer or worse, you’ll not be able to enjoy your game.  With inadequate system support, you can experience slow game speed, frequent internet connection disruptions and poor quality graphics.  So if you want to have the best online gaming experience, you need to make sure that you pass the minimum system requirements.

Minimum System Requirements for the Best Online Casinos

  • Microgaming Casinos Minimum System Requirements:  Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Pentium III 800 MHz processor or greater, 128 MB of system memory available, 32 MB of video memory, 800 x 600 video resolution (16 bit color), 500 MB of available hard drive space, Internet access with at least 56 Kbps connection speed.
  • Real Time Gaming Casinos’ Minimum System Requirements:  Pentium II 300 MHz, At least 64 MB RAM (internal memory), at least 50 MB of free Hard Drive space, Operating System – Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000, 56K Modem (making sure the connection speed is greater than 40K).
  • Playtech Casinos Minimum System Requirements:  Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95, 32MB RAM; P166MMX, 16-bit color 600×800 resolution, 20MB free hard disk space.
  • Cryptologic Casinos’ Minimum System Requirements:  Windows 98 or higher (NT excluded), Pentium 200 MHz or higher, 48 MB RAM, 4 MB video card with 16-bit color (800×600 or higher), DirectX 7 or higher, Macromedia Flash 5 (or higher), 35 MB hard drive space.
  • Vegas Technology Casinos’ Minimum System Requirements:  Windows Vista/XP/Millennium Edition/2000/NT/98, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer, Pentium 200 MHz, (64) Sixty-Four MB RAM, (16) Sixteen-bit color graphics card (800×600 resolution), 100 MB unused  HD space.


If you really want to play online casino games, you should prepare the necessary requirements so that everything will go smoothly when you download the software provided by the online casino and when you play at their site.  This will assure you of glitch-free game play.

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