How to Play the Slots

It is important to have a decent bankroll for all online casino games so a casino bonus will help ease any mistakes made while playing online slots.

The slot machines design remained the same for the first few years, except for one small detail: The reels expanded to twenty symbols, causing the possible combinations to increase from 1,000 to 8,000. By allowing more alternatives to win, the new versions stirred up more excitement and guaranteed a much greater jackpot.  Although modern machines feature several new updates and twists to the original game, all gamblers always have one goal: to line up the same symbols in a row. Machines may vary: They may have more than one pay lines. They may have 5 reels instead of 3.  They may have more possibilities than ‘one-coin-a-pop’. They may have a few buttons to push instead of a handle to pull. But the basic concept has not changed – line up identical symbols in a row, left-right, up-down, or diagonal, and immediately you can call yourself a winner.

Even though hitting a jackpot is the greatest attraction for all slot fans, the machines are also well known for other reasons. Among the biggest pluses is their easiness.  With most slot machines, you do not have to master a complex strategy or decipher a few finicky rules. You only need to put in your cash and watch the reels spin. Perhaps, you could even play the machines blind-folded because they automatically pay all winners.

Some buttons on the slot machines allow you to streamline the playing experience. Those buttons are:

  • Money slot: many machines accept bills or coins. There is typically a bill receptor for your paper money and a slot for the coins. When you use bank notes, the machine displays a credit for the cash amount you inserted.
  • Bet One: use this button if you want to bet just a credit.
  • Bet Max: use this button if you want to play the maximum credits number, limited by the amount permitted for each spin (each slot machine has an established maximum amount) and saves you from the chore of hitting the Bet One button many times.
  • Change: use this button when you wish to summon the slot attendant.  This is not needed for online slot machines.
  • Cash/Credit: are you ready to cash out and leave? Just press this button to cash out your unused credits.

New slots players may wonder whether there is any good tactic for pulling the lever or pressing the button that improves the likelihood of a jackpot. Regrettably no tactic exists. You can press forcefully or lightly. You can click your heels together and blink five times, or say a quick prayer. It makes no real difference.  After a gambler makes his moves, the outcomes are preordained.  The computerized RNG (Random Number Generator) chip determines the result of each spin. The Random Number Generator is always at work, processing through millions of random numbers, although when the machine is not being used. The moment you push the spin button, the generator halts the random numbers processing and the resulting number is used to decide the outcome.

Due to the RNG technology, nothing can be made to change or predict the outcome, although you play on an interactive slot machine that permits you to make a few decisions, slot machines are emotionless creatures that cannot be influenced by your actions.

On newer machine models, your eyes can only see a representation of the usual spinning reels. RNG chips in slot machines have predetermined all outcomes – the flashing images flashing before you, shown on the machines are just for show.

A spin outcome is entirely independent of any earlier results. As the name suggests, the Random Number Generator produces random numbers. There is no cycle or pattern that repeats over a long playing session.

Although the Random Number Generator produces purely random results, it still allow for limited tweaking of individual slot machine. For example, although a machine appears to have just twenty different symbols on every reel, the RNG produces virtual reels that in reality have a lot more possibilities. This option allows for bigger jackpots, but it also permits casinos to adjust the payback (or odds) for each machine. So, a couple of identical machines may sit side by side, yet each has different odds for winning.

But do not misunderstand. The casino does not change the payouts at will.  There’s no magic switch that enables an evil slot supervisor who hides behind the black curtain to manipulate the odds when the machine is losing. Reprogramming the RNG chips takes a great deal of effort and paperwork, so after the machine is installed, further adjustment is rare.

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