Twelve Ways to Determine a Trustworthy Online Casino Site

In case you have simply too much information and details in your head to decide clearly in the final decision-making, here is a pre-registration rundown on things that you need  to look out for and to be aware of. If you stick to this strategy, your online play will be trouble free.

  • Is the online casino site government licensed? Search the rules, FAQs, and policies pages for some signs of whether the online casino site operates under a legitimate government license. If the online casino site says that it is, then can the site prove it? Is there a copy of the verification or license from the authorities?

  • Are the technical support staffs of the site easily reachable? Are there phone numbers and email addresses for where they can be contacted? If so, are they functioning phone numbers and email addresses? Many sites provide web-based contact forms, but do not disclose email addresses. This certainly won’t do.

  • Does site operator tell you anything about themselves, like where they are located, or who supplies their software? Online operations that float about in cyberspace without having any tangible physical roots can be a potential trouble.

  • What do other gamblers have to say about an online casino site? Go to the newsgroups and forums then find out what is being said. Always remember that not all things you read are necessarily true. If you always base your decision making only on this criterion, you might be asking for big troubles.

  • Does the online casino site offer deals that are really too good to be true? Flourishing businesses do not stay profitable by giving away money for nothing. Be distrustful if the signup bonuses and free prizes are outrageous. Keep an eye out for sports books that offer you lines that are more attractive than the rest.

  • Is the policy reasonable? Never give ’em a cent before understanding their policy page. Generally, there’s a whole lot of complicated legal language that covers the online casino site from a liability standpoint. You should pay particularly close attention on the pay-out policies. Especially, about the way pay-outs are conducted and the delay of payment.

  • How much does the online casino site advertise? It is generally a good idea to join at sites that have strongly established a presence through intensive advertising. A company that has invested a lot of cash in an advertising campaign is probably a legitimate operator. Additionally, you have got a little more leverage if you are treated unfairly because you may notify the sites that carry the advertising that their advertiser are up to no good.

  • Is the site audited? If so, by whom? Any respectable company has its games controlled and audited by a reputable third-party firm. If an online casino site claims to be audited, be sure a legitimate company performs the audit. There should be a link to the auditor’s site so you can confirm the auditor.

  • Are the payment and deposits systems secure? You probably will not come across a site that doesn’t offer secure money transactions, but you need to check.

  • Does the online casino site have a satisfactory privacy policy? Never forget that your email address and name are hot commodities for many bad people.

  • What sort of customer service does that site offer? Is a 24/7 tech support available over the phone? If so, will they speak the same language as you?

  • Is the online casino site a member of the Interactive Gaming Council? A site that is an IGC member has agreed to obey to a code of conduct, which requires that an online casino site operate honestly and instills confidence in customers. You can verify the IGC membership at Do remember that there are a lot of perfectly honest online casino services that are not the member of IGC, so never base your trust only on this standard.

A final and very important advice: When you find a good online casino site, stick with it. There are absolutely no reasons to switch services if you are happy with what you have got. Cyberspace bettors who drift from one site to another are running blindly into problems.

On a side note, all the online casinos promoted at are vigorously screened on a continuous basis. An online casino will be removed from our site even if there is a hint of problems.

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