Understanding Slot Machine Etiquette

Although playing slots is a non-social activity, a few small courtesies can guarantee that you have a peaceful situation with that burly guy to your right.

Claiming a machine

How do you know if a machine has been saved? Well, it does not shout, “Hallelujah, I have seen the light!” Even so, just trust me; you certainly want to know whether a seemingly unattended slot machine has been taken by someone else. If not, the anger you incur just might seem like Judgment Day. There is no quicker way to change a kindly old grannie into an avenging angel than by taking over her favorite machine (especially, if after only a couple of coins, as if by magic, you win her jackpot).

It is a common practice in a casino for a gambler to save someone else’s machine for a short while when she takes a break. How long you can hold a slot machine varies, based on the casino rule and whether you are a high roller; ten to fifteen minutes is unlikely a problem. But thinking the machine to remain entirely yours while you eat in a buffet for a couple of hours may be pushing it. You are able to save a slot machine by putting an inverted coin cup over the coin hopper or on the handle, by asking the slot attendant to watch the machine, or by leaving a coat on the chair.

Slots manners

Slots may be a non-social game, but you are still in the middle of an open environment, always be sensitive to your fellow players to your left and right. Consider these handy tips for keeping the peace and being a polite gambler.

  • If you are not actually playing slot, stay out of the way. While you are watching a spouse or friend play, make sure you are not in the way of another slot player.  Just like at any table games, non-playing guests need to give up his seat to a player who wishes to play.
  • If you see a card, in a slot machine you want to use, be careful. If the slot player is nowhere in sight, just remove the card and use the machine. But you shouldn’t give it to an attendant or toss it in the trash; just place the card on top of your machine. Chances are, that player is currently headed back to retrieve the card and will be glad for the gesture.
  • Don’t covet thy neighbor’s jackpot. Slot machines are different from other table games. You are not competing against one another; everyone is competing against the casino. So never sulk when an adjacent slot machine hits a big jackpot. Help him enjoy the moment and cheer him on. Being a pleasant person and a good sport will not change your luck, yet it makes the overall playing experience more pleasurable.

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