How To Win On Slot Machines Online

Online Slots

Photo by Jeff Kubina

There is only one way I now on how to win on slot machines online and that is to take advantage of online casino bonuses in a very specific manner.

Here are the steps:

  • The first thing you need to do is find a casino bonus that you like.
  • Now select a game you like, and play all lines for the minimum bet amount. Do not play a jackpot slot, or a trademark slot (trademark slot would be something like batman)
  • Now you must play like this till you clear your bonus. This gives you the best change of clearing your bonus so that you can withdraw your bonus as well as the cash you have deposited. This does not work all the time however it works enough to allow you to be ahead. The key is to play the minimum bet
  • Now repeat the steps above for your next bonus, and if you dont have an available bonus at this casino, then join another casino.

The two disadvantages to this is that its boring, so you have to stay focused, and secondly you will lose out if you get lucky and hit a nice bonus and this is because of your minimum bet.