Online Casino Video Poker

Another type of poker that you can play both in land based and in online casinos is the video poker. Video poker is played just like a slot machine where you need to insert a coin or any monetary item into the slot for you to be able to play. This type of game is better played online since you can have all the time you want when making decisions. Another thing when playing video poker in online casinos is the added casino bonuses which are far higher than in land based casinos.

Playing by the Rules

Video pokers can be seen in numerous online casinos today since this type of game provides players with an easier poker gaming experience. In this case, players don’t have to worry about any opponents since you are playing against the machine. That is why your objective is to simply have the highest qualifying hand.

In the video poker window, you will see three values namely, credits, paid and coins. Four buttons are also found on the screen. Players should familiarize themselves with these buttons as these are the ones that you will be using throughout the game. There is the cash out button that returns all your credits to your account and will reset the game. The deal/draw button is used when you have already placed a bet and you want to deal the cards. Bet max and bet one are the buttons that you can use when you want to place your bets.

The game is simple enough to understand. You will be given five cards as your hand and all you need to do is to select the cards that you wish to discard. Once done, the game will then replace the cards that you have discarded and your hand will then be evaluated. The goal of the players is to have the highest qualifying hand combination in the game. In video poker it is required for players to place bets before they can discard any card on their hands. The qualifying hands are normally displayed on the screen, just to the right and above the cards.

Why Play Video Poker?

Video poker in online casinos are fun and entertaining and is a good start for those who are planning on getting used to playing poker. This will help players be familiar with the rules regarding poker and to think of a plan or strategy when it comes to playing poker.

The deck used in Video poker is the standard deck size of 52 cards. In land based casinos, this is the same number used in their poker games. The cards being dealt in video poker are randomly generated to assure fair play.

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