Understanding Slot Machine Odds.

Before you even think about dropping a penny, a nickel, or a quarter into your favorite slot machine, you first should understand the odds of slot machines. Sad but true, any attempts to come up with dependable strategy to beat the slots odds is futile, especially since these machines favor the casino.

The slot machines payout typically falls somewhere between ninety and ninety-five percent, with the larger percentages being at online casinos. It means, for every a hundred dollars you put into a slot machine, the average return is only $90 to $95 (or a loss between $10 to $5). This house edge makes slot machine one of the riskiest games to play in a casino. If you factor in the game speed, you start to know why slots are so lucrative in modern casino industry.  At the end of the day a Jackpot is the main way to beat the odds.

If you are serious about playing slot machines, check the latest slot payout information in slots websites. These watchdog web sites post names of leading casinos with their known rates, and they scrutinize the winning odds per coin played. Traditionally, it is proven that nickel slots is likely to be the tightest (worst odds) slot machines, returning about ninety-one percent, while $1 and $5 slots are the loosest (best odds) slot machines, returning roughly 94 to 95 percent.

Commonly, you find the best odds and machines where the casino competition is most intense. You may try the Las Vegas Strip, a gambling area where casinos are clustered tightly together, each of them vying evenly hard for your gambling budget. While, playing slot on the water frequently leaves you all wet, as cruise ship casinos are not under the jurisdiction of United States gaming laws, the payout is as low as eighty percent. Consequently, you are better off tucking your cash back into your wallet or purse and waiting until you are on dry land.

The house edge at online casinos has shown to be lower due to lower overheads and the addition of a casino bonus and/or reload bonus.  The bonuses help put the slot machine odds in your favor.

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