A Guide to Online Casino Registration

To play real-money games at an online casino site, you must first join as a registered member. There are several different ways in which online casino sites approach this process. Simplicity is the common denominator (Clearly, if all potential players cannot figure out the way to sign up properly, these sites can’t run their business). Online casino sites using server-based software (Shockwave, Java, and so forth), typically have a Sign In link and a Sign Up link. The first time you visit a site, click the Sign Up link, (or Join, Register, and so on) and you can register by following the prescribed steps.

Registration is frequently where the nail biting phase begins; this process entails that you need to disclose personal and sometimes sensitive information. Usually, you have to type personal information into a web form, such as your email address, your address, and your phone number. The personal information you type into this form is kept on the host’s server, so you will be only required to endure the tedious registration process once. The notion can be somewhat unnerving, but it is absolutely necessary. An online casino site can’t pay you your prize money if it does not have a clue where or who you are. If you are going to lose your good night sleep over doing this, it is probably the time to quickly log off, put the credit card back into your wallet, and see the map for nearby land-based casinos. Upon finishing the process, and from that moment on, you are only required click the Sign In link (or Login, Play, and so forth); type your username and password to begin playing.

Although there is not much to it, the sign-up page layout can be very indicative on the whole online casino operation. An online casino should be up-front and open about what a registration process entails, especially if a software download is required. A list of steps outlining this signing up process for can be both comfortable and helpful. System requirements need to be specified at the beginning. If there is software to be downloaded, then the form should inform you how big the file is.

By looking at how much information is provided on the sign-up page, you will get a good feel for whether the online casino’s operators view customer service highly or whether they are likely to leave you stranded out there on your own. Obviously, stay away from online casino sites whose owners try to steer you deviously to a sign-up page without offering you the chance of browsing through supplemental pages, which will offer information on who operates the site and what it seeks to offer. People with things to hide can be a big trouble in this business.

Occasionally you need to register before downloading required software. This way, you are stored in their records as being a future customer. Some online casino sites allow you to download a required software by giving them a little of personal information and give the online casino site a test run first. When you are already registered to play for real cash, you enter the online casino by running the software from your computer desktop rather than signing in manually at a login page.

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