Sit and Go Tournament Information

Poker has consistently proved to everyone that it is still the leading casino card game, both in the traditional and online scene.  To meet the demands of many poker players and to invite more players, casinos arranged numerous poker tournaments.  One of the most popular poker tournaments is the sit and go, also commonly known as SNG tournament.  This article will provide you with a glimpse of what sit and go are all about.

What is a Sit and Go?

If you would look at the name “sit and go”, the first impression that would probably come to your mind is an event of rush and speed.  This is the basic notion of a sit and go tournament.  Sit and go tournament doesn’t have a definite starting and closing time.

But why do people love sit and go?  Sit and go is generally a tournament with an average of 9 players.  Every tournament is definitely a chance to improve your poker skill and to earn money for your bankroll.  Since sit and go is essentially governed by the idea of speed, it is not that difficult to win money.  If you’re a good poker player, you’ll surely get a chance to take home “big bucks” in only an hour or so.  Sit and go also has a wide range of entry fees so low limit and high limit players can join.  The primary objective of playing sit and go is to be the last man standing.  You need to use all your resources in order to outwit your opponents.  Another reason why people enjoy sit and go is because of the breakdown of its prizes.  First place gets 50%; second place gets 30% while the third place receives 20%.

Tips in Playing Sit and Go

Sit and go is a tournament that definitely provides you with a thrilling and utmost gaming experience.  When you’re playing sit and go, you control your own fate so you have to make the right decisions in order for you to win.  Here are some of the basic tips you can use whenever you’re playing sit and go.

  • Patience.  Poker is a game of luck and skill so players should look at both sides of the coin.  There are moments when you feel lucky but there are also moments when you feel out of shape.  In moments like this, you should not lose hope!  Keep the faith and in no time, you’ll receive your reward.
  • Observe your opponent’s playing style.  In sit and go, you’re not playing against the house.  You’ll be dealing with other poker players so you have to study their moves so you can make the best decision especially on betting rounds.
  • Bankroll management.  It is important for a poker player to have a good size bankroll especially in tournaments.  Players should prepare for the money he/she will eventually lose during the game so it is significant to manage your bankroll.  Always have a contingency fund.

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