How to Use a Poker Calculator

A good poker player knows how to calculate his odds but if you’re only a beginner and you want to be part of the big lineup of poker stars, then you need a tool that will help you make faster decisions and effective ones at that!  The tool that I’m referring to is the poker calculator.  The poker calculator is a tool that is based from a set of algorithms – information that was gathered from past odd computations.  The poker calculator usually provides the information regarding the odds that a certain poker hand will likely come out of the game.  If you’re just starting out and you want to start on the right track, then you should consider using a poker calculator to improve your game!

The Three Types of Poker Calculator

Mathematical – This is the basic function of all poker calculators.  A mathematical poker calculator has the capacity to calculate the odds and the pot size, according to your position and your starting hands.  A mathematical poker calculator will decode the exact calculations and will provide you with a recommendation to raise, call, check or fold.

Empirical- Empirical poker calculators are the best arsenals during tournaments.  In addition to the mathematical features, the empirical calculator can provide you with clues regarding your opponents.  The calculator can help you devise a plan on how you can deal with the behavior of your opponents.

Operative – This type of poker calculator has the best of both the mathematical and empirical features.  The best thing about this type is that it covers or monitors your future opponents by looking at your poker plays in poker sites.  The operative poker calculator will create a player’s database and gather the necessary information regarding your opponent’s playing style, hand selection, bankroll management and raising routine.

The Legality of Poker Calculator and Its Significance in Building Your Bankroll

Most players would often ask “Is poker calculator unethical to utilize?”  Well, poker calculators are not illegal but there are some online poker sites who don’t allow this type of software.  Unlike professional poker players and master mathematicians, you cannot calculate poker odds in your mind so you’ll need a poker calculator to speed up the game.

With the help of a poker calculator, you’ll have a 90% chance of increasing the size of your bankroll.  If you’re going to join tournaments, poker calculator is definitely a useful tool.  You can be in a tight-aggressive play with the use of this calculator since you’ll have the ample information of what will be the game’s outcome.  You will never have to read your opponent’s move because the poker calculator will do it for you.  Make the right decisions and build your bankroll with the use of your poker calculator.

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