Game Play Buttons in Online Casinos

An Online casino is a very exciting place where you can enjoy your favorite casino game without leaving the comforts of your own home.  Before you can enjoy any game in an online casino, you need to go online, download the software and create an online casino account.  It is better that you choose the games you want to play prior to visiting your online casino.

The Navigation Keys in Online Casinos

Whenever you’re playing games in any online casino, you will have to navigate your way through the options of the webpage.  Online casinos usually have a homepage where the theme of the site is projected.  Most online casinos’ home page has a list of the games they offer.  Each game has an overview so you will have knowledge of what the game is all about.  There is also a section for the free money and real money game version.  You can download the version of your choice.  Online casinos also have the registration section.  Players can create their own account and indicate their username and password.  The home page also has the payment/financial transaction section.  This section has the list of the different payment methods you can use for your deposits.  Lastly, online casinos have a customer support section that allows players to send their questions, suggestions and other concerns.  Customer support is available 24/7.

The Standard Game Play Buttons Used in Online Casinos

“Deal” button is used to deal out the cards but you must first make your initial bet.  “Re-bet” button is usually used to make the same deal again.  “Skip turn” button is usually available in multi-table games.  This is used to skip your turn when you’re playing.  “New game” button is used to start a new round.  “Game History” button is used to show the dates and the bets of your previous rounds.  “Chat” button is used in the multiplayer mode only.  This allows players to chat with other players in the game.  All you need to do is click the button and write a message in the box and click “send”.  “Help” button will allow player to ask questions while playing a game or in between rounds.  “Lobby” button allows players to exit the game and go back to the home page.

Now that you’re set with the game play button, you can try any casino game you like.  Try your luck and win.

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