Let It Ride Strategy

The house edge of Let It Ride is 3.5 percent, which is nearly ten times riskier to play than blackjack. However, you can still lower your losses with an obvious strategy, that is, you need to determine whether your hand is good enough to continue with the game (let it ride) or your cards contains only junk and you must withdraw your bets right away. Your bet is stuck in the third ($) circle; you are not allowed to pull back your money in that circle, no matter how lousy your hand is.

At the first bet, you should let it ride only when the first three cards you get are:

  • Any three cards that can make a royal flush
  • Any paying hand (10s or higher)
  • Any three cards that can make straight flush (with a gap) with a 10 or higher
  • Any three cards that can make a straight flush (with two gaps) with two 10 cards or higher
  • Three suited cards, except ace-2-3 and 2-3-4

At the second bet, you should let it ride only when the four cards you get are:

  • Any four cards that can make a flush, royal flush, or straight flush.
  • Any paying hand (10s or better)
  • Any four cards that can make an outside straight
  • Any three cards that can make an inside straight with four high value cards (10 or better)

Not surprisingly, there is still a chance that you won’t lose the game even if your hand is absolutely awful – those two community cards may pair up and give you an even money payout. But that sort of wishful thinking is what runs all casinos nowadays. You are far better off folding your lousy hands and patiently wait for better starting cards.

Naturally, the huge payout of $1 side bet in Let It Ride lures many players. The best strategy for taking part in the side-bet opportunity is simple: Don’t get involved!

Even so, you can play it once just for fun and hopefully you can get lucky with a huge payout. But you shouldn’t waste too much money or time, because the house edge of side bet is unfairly 25 percent – certainly not good for your pocketbook.

$1 Side Bet Payout List
Royal flush = $20,000
Straight flush = $2,000
Four of a kind = $400
Full house = $200
Flush = $50
Straight = $25
Three of a kind = $5

Two-pair or less doesn’t win anything. These payouts are only estimation and may vary slightly from casino to online casino.  It also helps your bankroll if you take advantage of your casino bonus offers.

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