How to Play Keno

In most casinos, keno runs 24 hours a day, while a new game starts out about every ten minutes, while at online casinos there is no wait time, as games are constant.  In the live casinos,  keno runners – whose sole task is to zip throughout the house gathering bets – make keno betting while you are playing the video poker or having a dinner at the restaurant possible. So whether you flag down those keno runners while eating lunch or you want to play in the cozy keno lounge, where the servers are offering complimentary drinks, you’re bound to discover a keno game within quick reach.

Gambling never gets much easier than keno, all keno games are races. When joining a keno game, your aim is to guess numbers that are drawn from a big hopper that slightly resembles a huge popcorn popper. From eighty balls marked with different numbers, a machine randomly shoots out twenty balls – the twenty winning numbers – into a long gooseneck (A few casinos; now use a keno computer to randomly choose the numbers). The winning numbers are announced by a caller.

Here’s how the game is played:

  • Choose the numbers. Clearly mark the selected numbers on your keno card with a special little crayon. Nobody knows why casinos give crayons instead of markers or pens, but perhaps crayons are more suitable considering that the game demands no more than a kindergarten-level education.  You often are asked to choose anywhere from one to fifteen spots, or numbers, on a keno card.
  • Make a bet on your keno card. Keno bets are low compared to other games in casino. You’ll find leaflets explaining the payouts and rules for each type of keno bet in the casino’s restaurants and in the lounge. The regular keno bet is $1 each race, but a few games are even lower and you can also bet $2 or $5. The player indicates the amount of his/her bet on the keno card.
  • Go to the keno counter yourself to place your bet or give your keno card to the runner. After you place marks on your card with all your selected numbers, give the wager and your card to the keno runner. The runner brings it to the keno counter and gives you a printed receipt as prove of your number selections. Perhaps, if you need the exercise, just take your card directly to the keno counter yourself. You can take your card to the keno counter if another keno session is about to begin; those runners often are the last in line for placing wagers at the keno counter and occasionally they don’t get your bets in on time.  So don’t lose your receipt! It is needed to collect your winnings.
  • Follow your numbers. As the game is in play, those numbers are taken one at a time and shown on the boards inside the keno lounge. A player can tell when a game is over – if the last number taken flashes continuously on the screen.  You can also take the easier route. If you think picking fifteen random numbers is an intimidating task, you can take the “Quick-Pick” option and then a bunch of numbers are picked for you. You are allowed to tell your runner that you wish to play similar numbers as you did before, it will save you the time needed to fill out a new card.

If you dont have a local casino, you can always play online keno, and with the extra cash from a online casino bonus, you can play online keno a lot more!

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