Stretching Your Gambling Budget in Slots

If you wish to stretch your slots gambling budget I advise you to take use of a casino welcome bonus, as this is the perfect start to increasing your bankroll.  The good news is that the majority of online casinos allow bonus wagering to be played against slot machines, so in essence your bonus is a slots bonus.

With literally thousands of machine choices, maybe the hardest decision is which machine to play. You want to find a game that offers the best theoretical return. Regrettably, finding the best slot machine in an ocean of slots can be a challenging task – and a little like comparing oranges to apples. For example, one slot machine may pay 3,000 coins for a jackpot while another machine pays only 500. But the jackpot is only a component of the equation: the total return also varies according to the other winning combination and how often they hit.  Although you cannot do much to alter the odds of getting the jackpot, you are able to take steps to enlarge your gambling bankroll. Just think of it this way, if you want to make your playing experience more memorable, you should maximize the value of your entertainment budget in slots playing.

Examining the paytable

The slot paytable (put at the top glass of a machine) provides important information about slot playing. Make sure to read (how many coins are needed, the winning combinations, and so on) and learn the paytables before you begin playing.

Slot machines that display a greater paytable usually have more symbols on every reel. For example, the earlier three-reel slot machines use 20 symbols and 8000 possible combinations (20 × 20 × 20), it also means the odds of hitting a jackpot are 1 in 8,000. Similarly, four-reel slot machines have 1 in 160,000 odds. The odds of five-reel video machines increase even more significantly, with 20 symbols the odds of hitting a jackpot are approximately 1 in 3000000!

Having more symbols and reels does not necessarily make a slot machine any worse or any better. That just creates more likely combinations. You will hit the jackpot more often on the three-reel slot machines, but the amount of prize you win is generally much less than that jackpot on five-reel machines. So which type of slot machine should you use? In the end, it hardly matters. The house has a edge over a gambler on all slot machines in the casino.

Choosing the slot machine

If you feel the need for speed, it means you may want to try the conventional three-reel machines. Those machines usually spin faster compared to video machines, which also means you get more action in an hour – and unfortunately more opportunities to lose your money. But then, video slot machines have some cool bonus rounds that appear several times each hour; they can decelerate the pace, and stretching both your enjoyment and your bankroll.
The final judgment is yours. You may try them both and then choose the one you like more.

Hitting a nearly empty casino

If you are a sun-worshipper, you are likely to pursue the slot jackpot in the night hours because you opt to spend the afternoons at the hotel swimming pool and sipping a refreshing soda. But what is the good time to play the slot machines?  In reality, the drowsy hours just before sunrise are the deadest time in the casino.  Light sleepers may grab an early morning toast and coffee, hit an almost empty casino to enjoy a comparatively peaceful playing time among the widest array of slot machines available. But, the odds never change on those emotionless machines, so never expect to find looser odds just because they are lonely and looking for gamblers.

Using full credits on progressive slots

When using a progressive slot machine, you need to maintain one hard-and-fast regulation in mind: continuously play the maximum amounts of credits or coins in each spin. If you don’t, you’ll greatly reduce your odds because a significant part of the payback in progressive slot machines is designed on hitting the jackpot with maximum coins. If you do not have the bankroll to use the maximum amount of coins, then use a non-progressive slot machine where the payback is unrelated to the number of coins used.

Playing maximum credits does have its drawback, though. Seasoned players may easily get in 500 spins each hour on a machine. If you use the maximum number of coins in each playing session, your budget can vanish darn fast. The average loss can be $100 each hour – or more – at most dollar machines, which can make for a pretty costly hobby.

If you are new to slots, the safest bet could be to stick to single payline, two-coin machines. Although they don’t offer a big jackpot, they at least extend your bankroll, allowing you to enjoy more and play the one-armed bandit euphoria longer as you sit down before the machine.

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