Casino Credit for High Rollers

High rollers may tend to ignore any warning about the risks of casino credit. But if you are a serious gambler (bankroll of $25,000 or higher), perhaps you have a few good reasons to get a credit line rather than play with hard cash.  The main benefit of credit is safety. Going to a casino with bag cram full of C-notes can be a dangerous proposition. Also, by gambling with markers, it will allow the casino to track your activity more easily. Therefore, you can be qualified for higher comps levels and included inside the A-list for special casino functions and event.  Many casinos around the globe comp high rollers to food, room, and beverage (FRB), but that is only the beginning. Additional perks may include having a free limo from and to the airport and skipping the long, tedious line at showrooms and restaurants or at check-in. And usually casinos comp airfare for their top bettors.  For exceptionally elite high rollers, comps can be genuinely over the top. You can be flown to big ball games, and  whisked off to Vail for some wonderful skiing, followed by a quick jet flight  to an island in Caribbean for sand and sun. Those perks are certainly attractive and just may lure you to step up to join the big leagues.
But remember, for many players, the more they gamble, the more likely they will lose. And just because you have so many cash to burn, it does not mean you should. Bill Gates is, without doubt, one of the wealthiest men on the planet. But whenever he wants to play a poker game in Las Vegas, Billionaire Bill sticks with the $3 to $6 games, which is perhaps a good life example for everyone else.

The comps for high rollers in online casinos are different, as they concentrate on Online Casino matching bonuses, which mean certain high roller casinos will comp a high roller 100% of their deposit.  There are online casinos that have a low limit to the comp amount, while others max out at $50,000, and others have no limit at all.  If you are interested in high roller bonuses you should check out the highroller bonus page.

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