Basic Casino Table Manners

In an online casino, for the most part, you don’t have to worry about basic table manners, as most of the time you just need to collect your casino bonus and play your selection casino game.

In most games, what you may do with your hands (those at the end of your arms, not those made of playing cards) is rigorously defined, and the reason is really simple: The casino needs to minimize your chance to disrupt a game or, worse, cheat. You may find the protocol of specific casino games in other gambling articles, but for now, you should be aware that casinos are very oversensitive about how you deal with all gaming material, such as cards, chips, or dice.

  • In craps, never touch the dice unless you are the shooter.
  • In a table game, if you are dealt with face-up cards, never touch them after those cards hit the felt.
  • After you place your bet and the play has started, you aren’t permitted to touch the table again, including tidying up a toppled chips stack. (There are some exceptions to this regulation in craps.)
  • Use only a hand to touch the cards. This is essentially because cheaters often use both hands to switch cards.
  • Understand and use all gestures or hand signals that are part of the crap game. (Although other players or the dealer may help you, you should know the regulations before you sit down and play.)
  • Never do anything to damage or mark the cards in any way, like warping, bending, or scraping them with your nails.
  • Never give unsolicited advice to any players. Even if you are offering good strategy, players are not likely to accept it in the unselfish spirit in which you gave it. Let’s say, if they do take your tips and lose, guess who get the blame?
  • If you bring a buddy to cheer you on, do remember that the chairs are only reserved for players. However, if the casino is not crowded, non-players usually are allowed to sit in a chair as long as they are prepared to vacate when the game begins to fill up.
  • When the hand about to end, place your cards before you; you shouldn’t hand them to the dealer.
  • Some video poker and slots fanatics play with more than one machine at one time. Before you use a machine, be sure someone isn’t using the machine; those arm pullers can be extremely territorial.
  • Casinos are mostly sensitive to any type of electronic gadgets around the gaming floors. In some places, you are not allowed to take pictures, talk on a mobile phone, or tap away with a two-way pager.

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