Get an Edge on the House Edge

It’s a well-known fact: In almost all casino games, the casino has the edge. However, you can get a definite edge over the house in a couple of ways:

  • Taking advantage of offers and promotions. Promotions can be a great way to guarantee a positive expectation. These are a few examples: Some casinos alter the rules for a short time period and paid out 2 to 1 in all blackjack games. The rule modification tipped the odds adequately that even basic-strategy gamblers had almost 2 percent edge over the casino. The Pioneer Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, once offered slot machines with Double Jackpot Time. For a short time period (for about thirty seconds), twice an hour, the casino generously increase the payout on some jackpots machines. Many people shrugged off the offer as just another marketing gimmick, however it was really lucrative. A gambler can earn six figures in one year, playing for only a few minutes each hour.
  • In the Online Casino world. Take advantage of the casino welcome bonus you get for opening a new casino account.
  • Online Casino players club. Most online casinos have some type of players club where you can convert points into a no deposit casino bonus.
  • Using match play coupon to enhance your fun. You can usually find match play coupons inside those free fun books distributed by most casinos.  Rip the coupon out and insert them under your bet. In many cases, they basically double your bet without having to risk more money.

Discovering about these amazing deals isn’t easy when you deal with live casinos. The Las Vegas Advisor offers a handy resource for casino coupons and promotions.  Another way is signing on for casino mailing lists to allow you keep abreast of future special events.  At we help the online casino community with online gambling bonus information.

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