Understanding Casino Dress Code

The Rat Pack wore fedoras and ties as they roamed the Sin City and a woman would not be seen at the roulette game without a flashy sequin-and-gem outfit. These days in online casinos you can wear nearly anything, and only slightly more is needed at your brick and mortar casino.

It’s true, the traditional dress code in casino gambling is more akin to a night at the opera than a hot day at the track (well, except the Kentucky Derby, where you will see many individuals of high fashion). Traditional players are likely to dress to the nines; they will pull out a formal evening wear. Recent modern dress code, however, allows you to wear tank tops, T-shirts and flip-flops. Even so, overseas casinos may have more sartorial demands on their gamblers, while most riverboats, Vegas casinos, Indian reservation casinos and cruise ships are far more tolerant and casual of the clientele’s new fashion informality. Unwritten or enforced dress codes still exist in certain casinos, it means before a visit to the nearest casino be sure you don’t make a fashion faux pas.

For touring the casino, restaurant dining, and table play most gamblers go for comfort, particularly during the day. Most gambling establishments tolerate even the most informal of casual attire – flip-flops, tank tops, cut-offs, and any casual beachwear – but you shouldn’t dress down too much. Dressing way too casually can make you feel uncomfortable and out of place. And if you want to get comps and the very best service, dress properly and like you deserve them. A reliable rule to remember: Dress as you’d if you were taking a quick airplane flight; go for what is comfortable to you, but you need to remember that you will be sharing close quarters with other casino visitors. In many cases, men would feel comfortable wearing long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts – collarless or collared – jeans, moderate-length shorts, or casual pants, and sandals or sneakers. Women are safe to consider moderate-length shorts, pants, skirts, jeans and blouses from sleeveless to long-sleeved.

Casinos strive to give comfortable temperature in the gaming floors, but there is no guarantee that it is just right for you. Some casinos really crank up the air conditioning, so some people should take a sweater as a precaution. But if you are walking between casinos during summer (particularly in Vegas), you shouldn’t bundle up. Just wear layered dress that are easy to subtract and add as needed without requiring a complete change of clothes

The casino surrounding often changes in the evening, particularly on the weekends on cruise ships and in the bigger resorts. At night, you’re bound to find more formal clothing as people are moving to and from clubs, gaming tables and shows. Add to that an array of high-end restaurants established in Atlantic City, Vegas, and other destinations, and you will likely meet some sharply dressed people. Nothing prohibits you from wearing at nighttime what you wear during the daytime. But looking crisp is part of the excitement of casino gaming. When gearing up for an evening out, you should consider the similar outfits you would wear for attending a night at the symphony or a nice party. For men, some kind of a jacket is always a winner. A good dress shoes and slacks go well. But what should be worn in between is completely up to you. The more daring gambler may go with a shirt without the button-down collar; the more formal type of person may opt for a necktie. For ladies, the range includes skirts or slacks, dresses, fancy tops, and dressy shoes or heeled sandals. Remember, it’s not work and it’s not a funeral, so you should some fun with your threads! If you are off to a gambling night on the town and are uncertain about the proper attire, the hotel concierge is a dependable resource for help. He should know the dress code for any place in town and will help you avoid any future embarrassment. Most hotels will provide a concierge speed dial at the room phones, and if not, concierge desk is usually located next to the front desk. If you are in a casino without a hotel, you may ask the casino host about proper attire, although he may be less informed about requirements for other competing establishments.

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