Know the Types of Poker Players

Poker Players

In the game of poker, you may classify poker players into four categories.  Distinguishing each type is definitely significant if you want to win the game.  Everyday you meet new people, new opponents and it is important that you recognize what type of player your opponent is so you can devise a plan to beat them.  This article will provide with detailed information on the different types of poker players and the strategies on how to beat each one of them.

The Different Types of Poker Players

There are four types of poker players you should familiarize yourself with:

  • Tight-Passive.  A tight-passive player is one who will never raise or call unless he’s holding a strong hand.  This type of playing style can be best utilized in limit Texas hold’em poker.  A player of this type certainly never take the risk unless he’s sure that he will win.
  • Loose-Passive.  A loose-passive player is one who always calls a bet.  They are also known as the “calling stations”.
  • Tight-Aggressive.  A tight-aggressive player is one who bluffs occasionally.  This type of player usually plays with good hands and once they have a good hand, they would definitely play aggressively.
  • Loose-Aggressive.  This is the best type of poker player.  Most professional poker players use this type of playing style.  A loose-aggressive player can definitely bet “all in” or get hold you in a very tight position.  A loose-aggressive player has very unpredictable playing styles.

Strategies You Can Use to Beat These Types of Poker Players

If you’re dealing with loose players, you should follow these strategies:

  • You should practice good hand selection.
  • You should bear more patience and practice discipline in your game.
  • You should use slow playing for loose-aggressive types and pressuring bets for loose-passive types.

If you’re dealing with tight players, you should follow these strategies:

  • You should practice good hand selection.
  • Use slow play to draw this type of player out of the game.
  • Keep watch of big bets from a tight player because this means trouble.  You should never call a bet unless it’s necessary.

If you’re dealing with a tight-aggressive player, you should follow these strategies:

  • Observe patience and practice a good solid play.
  • Make a good observation of this type’s playing style and moves.
  • Watch out for your opponent’s weaknesses.  Be very careful in making your decisions.  Don’t make any mistakes and choose your hands carefully to have better chance of winning the game.

An extra tip would be to take advantage of the various poker bonuses that are offered through your online poker room, so take advantage of everything that improves your odds.

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