What is a Check Raise

It is both seen as an effective tool as well as a brash and unfriendly tactic in poker, and is use a lot in online poker.  It was seen as a key for being a more-than mediocre player and as a means to become a target for ire over the poker table.  Whatever connotations poker player and enthusiasts over check-raises, one thing remains the same.  It is something that is integral in the game, that adds spice and action to an otherwise cold, mental game poker is designed to be.

Check-raise is an event in poker where a player checks in his turn with the intention of raising bets on opponent’s bet on his next turn.  What makes this move so special is the fact that nobody knows why check-raises are made.  Check-raises can be applied in many situation, sometimes in many a stages of the game.  The flexibility and the unpredictability of check-raises make them effective tools for offensive and defensive actions across the felt table.

Making Check-Raises Work

People who knows how to make effective check-raises find it as one of the most effective weapons they could use in poker matches.  But when are check-raises deemed important?  Here are some of the uses of this poker tool.

The first thing you should know about check-raises is its power.  Check-raises are deemed as one of the boldest move in poker matches, most powerful when used in a bluff or semi-bluff.  Raising previous bet shows resolve, something which is respected by many learned amateur and professional players.  Check-raises are effective in making one fold marginal hand, something you need if you want to inch closer to the pot.  Capitalize on this when you’re in an early position and when there’s one or two left on the table.

Apart from its late-game deadliness, check-raises are also powerful in making sure there will be lesser players who will make it pass mid-game.  This is particularly true if you’re in an early position with a lesser hand and many players have called pre-flop.  Sometimes, you can make players pay for staying in the game twice by check-raising.  Players who don’t hold the nuts are more likely to fold their cards and their bets rather than risk another for the turn.

Increasing the Pot Size

Check-raises are used to increase the pot sizes.  This tactic is often used by players who have strong hole cards or good hands and would want to maximize the amount which he could play for.  This tactic is most effective if there are still several players on the game and when done in a more subtle way.  This tactic uses check-raise to lure player into investing more in the game, so it should be big enough to increase pot value, but not big enough to scare off the feed.  So if you’re holding the nuts, use check-raise to keep other players around and extract as much value on them as possible.

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