Know the Rules

This happens to be the first and foremost and of course, the most obvious strategy to win at casino poker or online poker. Simply playing poker without knowing the rules will not get you anywhere, let alone wining. So, this article is dedicated to explaining the simple 3-card poker standard rules for the novice poker player. If you’re the expert casino poker player, you may still want to read through, for there may be a couple of tips and tricks for you out there. So, without wasting any more time, let’s help you get your casino poker winning spree started.

If you’re really serious about winning at casino poker, you can find a multitude of websites that offer free online poker how-to-play instructions. You are free to choose any instruction set that you feel comfortable with, I however obviously prefer, where we offer the best instruction set in a very easy-to-understand.  I sure have had my share of winning pots of money playing casino poker.

The simplest 3-card casino poker rules are simple, and are as follows:
The 3-card casino poker is the simplest of all poker games, and you can even start practicing it in your home with friends. You can win money a lot quicker at this game, but you can also lose a lot quicker. With this in mind, it is important to know a few basic strategies in order to minimize your chances of losing.

There are two simple ways of winning in a 3-card casino poker game. For first time casino poker players, these two simple strategies work big time in the first couple of months. One strategy is to be dealt a strong hand than at least one other player at the poker table, and the second trick is to get at least a pair. A pair is when you get two of the same cards, not necessarily of the same suit or the same color, but two cards of equal denomination, e.g. QQ, KK, JJ, 10-10, AA, etc.

Most people think that winning at casino poker depends on how good your hand is, but this is a common misconception. I’ve seen many people win big money at table poker with just an average hand. So, it does not matter if you’re dealt an average hand by the dealer; your win will depend on how you play your cards. If you play your cards right, you will win the game with even the ugliest hand at your disposal. You need to know when to stay in the hand and continue playing, when to raise, and when to fold. The timing is, of course, what matters in casino poker. For example, if you keep playing with an ugly handful of cards when the best thing is to fold your hand, then chances are that you will lose the game.  Casino poker is a pretty smart game, and you have got be pretty smart while playing it.  Casino poker is about playing smart and playing right and playing to win.

The same goes for all other forms of poker, know the rules!

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