Bluffing Strategies for the Advanced Poker Player

One of the winning strategies used in poker is bluffing.  Bluffing is often used to trick your opponents into betting or raising even if you have a weak hand.  Since poker is a game of strategy and luck, players would often be required to use certain tricks that would help them get a hold of the game.  Bluffing is one trick you can use when playing poker and if you master this trick, it would be very effective and you’ll definitely improve your chances to win in every game you play.  But what is bluffing all about?  How can you maximize the potential of bluffing in every poker game?  Let’s find out.

Learning the Art of Bluffing

Many poker players think that bluffing is an easy task that you can just actually do if you like.  But bluffing is not all that.  Bluffing means you should take a set of poker hands and act like you have the best hand of all.  Although this is a very effective strategy, if you don’t pay attention to the hands of your players, it will definitely cost you a lot.

It is important to understand bluffing and how to use it.  There are two types of bluffing that players can use.  The first one is pure bluff.  If a player uses a pure bluff, it only means that he bets or raises with a very poor hand (no chance of improving), hoping that everyone will fold.  The second one is the semi-bluff.  The player uses semi-bluff if he has a bad hand at the moment with the hope that his/her hand will improve as the game progresses.

But when is the right time to use the bluffing?  It is best to bluff if you’re in a late position and no one has presented any good hand.  It is the worst time to bluff if there are still many players in the hand.  You should also fold if think that you don’t really have the chance to win against your opponents’ big raises and bets.

Using Advanced Bluffing Strategies to Win Poker

Here are some of the advanced bluffing strategies you can use to win at poker:

    • Slow Play.  Slow playing is an exciting tactic you can use to outwit your opponents.  This tactic is usually used if you want to deceive your opponent into believing that you have a weak hand when in fact you have very good poker hands.
      • Moving fast & furious.  It is important that when initiating bluff you should make sure that it works or you’ll end up losing a lot.  Every attack must have a great impact.  You need to make a “poker face” in order to divert your opponents’ attention off the prize.  Use the right timing.  An effective bluff should catch everyone by surprise.

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