Different Types of Online Casino Players

Because of the evolution of technology, online casinos were established to provide a more exciting and convenient way to play casino games.  Online casinos are famous for its wide variety of games, big prizes and exciting casino bonuses.  Whenever you’re playing in online casinos, you need to transform into a new character that would suit the occasion.  This means that you have to adapt to different situations and use different playing styles in order to succeed in your game.

Types of Online Casino Players – Where Do You Fit In?

Many people think that casino players are self-obsessed egocentric beings who only want to win huge amount of money.  It’s true that this certain type of casino player does exist but there are also other types of online casino players you should familiarize yourself with.

You can be the “cerebral” player.  This is the ideal player you probably want to become.  The “cerebral” player knows the ropes on how to play casino.  He definitely has the knowledge of the ins and outs of the game and makes the right decision every time.  The “cerebral” player uses the best strategies and executes them with right timing.  If you someone who possess this quality, then ask for that player’s help.  You will definitely learn more from a “cerebral” player.

Another type of online casino player is the “degenerative gambler” type.  This is the worst type of casino player.  This type of player bets the amount he doesn’t have and take all the risk to win.  This player borrows money from family and friends but seldom gets them back.  This player also uses cheating just to win the game, a desperate move.

The high risk player, on the other hand, aims for victory.  He doesn’t want to give up and wishes to take his game to the higher level.  So he takes big risks in order to win big.  But this type is not the same as the “degenerative gambler”.  He makes smart decisions and bet in winning angles.

Lastly, there is the “conservative” player.  This type usually walks out of the casino with money inside his pockets.  The conservative player doesn’t spend the amount of money that is beyond his bankroll.  He usually doesn’t take big risks and enjoy low-limit games.


When playing in online casinos, it’s not the game that matters.  The most important thing of all is how you play the game, how you deal with your opponents and how you make every decision.

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