Customer Service in Online Casinos

One of the more gratifying aspects of the real life casino gambling experiences is being treated like a royal family.  As long as there is a steady flow of cash leaving your bank account, you can expect to be loved and waited on hand and foot. Most dealers are as friendly as is humanly possible in hopes that you are generous with your tips.  Girls with super-tight clothing are at your beckoning with those free drinks.  Very friendly hosts drop by now and again handing out comps to show you their gratitude for your patronage. Although you might be losing your money like a sinking ship, you are still on a tiny paradise because you are made to feel like you are a very important person.

Often, it does not work this way in the cyber world. Anyone waiting to be treated like a king while gambling in online casino sites is in for a rude awakening, as mostly customer service has mainly dealt with casino bonus queries.  Generally, customer service is lacking in many online casino sites for two reasons.

First, the online gambling industry has been so darn profitable and prosperous that sites can afford to neglect individual customers and their petty needs. Online casino sites that put more emphasis on top-quality customer service rarely do so since they have an uncontrollable desire to empty your wallet; they do so because they are fighting to stay alive and they are looking for a way to cover their expenses. In the early years of online casino business, there was enough wealth to go around and virtually everybody in this business was making plenty of money. Many operators were not going to lose sleep if a few gamblers were unhappy with the way they were being treated. However, this overall attitude is gradually turning around, since there is now enough competition to make an individual customer more important to merchants. When supply finally exceeds demand, it quickly becomes a buyer’s market.

Second, customer services are the pits in online casino industry that most of the business owners in online gambling just don’t have a clue. Clearly, the responsibility for the bad rap rests on the shoulders of Caribbean gambling businesses. Very few of those businesses have good background in hospitality. We are so accustomed to those royal treatments in contemporary casinos because the hospitality industry and the casino industry go hand in hand. Those folks in charge of casino business know exactly what it takes to keep their customers coming back and they know the value of keeping customers happy. A whole bunch of those folks running online casino businesses offshore have not been in the gambling world for very long and don’t understand the importance of customer service. Most of them are below 40 and fell into possessing multi-million dollar gambling companies with very few businesses experience. Many of those who do own extensive experience mostly come from the overseas sports book biz, which s not exactly synonymous with graciousness and warmth.

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