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When joining an online bingo, one of the principal things you should consider is its list of bonuses.  Most online bingo players agree that bonuses are major sources of profits and winnings.  Also, you will surely want to get more than your money’s worth.  There are online bingo sites out there offering these bonuses, but exactly what type of bingo bonuses should you look for?  These are some of the bingo bonuses you should keep an eye out for.

Loyalty Points

This is a minimum bonus that an online bingo must at least have.  The mechanism for loyalty points is simple.  The more you play online bingo, the more loyalty points you gain.  Eventually, these loyalty points can be traded either for cash or for items.  In principle, online bingo sites reward players for their loyalty to them.  After all, you deserve to be rewarded for helping them in their business.

No Deposit and Welcome Bonus

As a marketing scheme, certain online bingos offer no deposit and welcome bonuses.  A welcome bonus is basically cash that you can use to play in an online bingo site you have registered in.  Winnings from this bonus can usually be cashed out after you have deposited money to your account.  On the other hand, no deposit bonuses are bonuses given to you without obliging you to register an account in their online bingo site.  If an online bingo is true to their word, they will hand over their winnings and not tie you to their online bingo site.

Free Rounds

Gracious online casinos give free rounds to its customers.  For example, you will get a free round of bingo after three consecutive losses.  Or, you will be given a free round on account of simply being a loyal customer.  Most online bingos, however, give free rounds monthly through a method similar to winning a lottery.  Every month, lucky bingo players in a bingo site are given a certain number of free rounds that they can use within a certain period.

Bonuses in Kind

Online bingo are not always tied to cash prizes.  Some of them give bonuses in kind, such as holiday packages to certain destinations.  These bonuses are given out usually on a monthly basis, if your online bingo is generous enough.  To qualify for these kinds of bonuses, remember to keep a clear record in your online bingo.  Make sure that you pay on time and maintain good relations with them.

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