Eleven Handicapping Strategies

Handicapping and overtaking the house edge are difficult, so remember to take advantage of your sports betting bonuses. But you can make it, if you are disciplined and rely on sensible rules instead of betting with your heart and getting sentimental. These strategic tips can aid you settle into a steady winner’s betting stride:

  • Stay away from the exotics. Bettors bet millions on football parlays each year, and a big chunk of that remained in Nevada. Never make sucker bets; you only help the casino’s chief executive officer expand his beachside property in Maui.
  • Choose and be consistent in your sport. Being a guru in several sports is difficult, if not impossible.  Choose one sport and only make bets on a few quality games at one time. Or increase your success odds by choosing one conference. You may end up becoming the most informed analyst of a small college league, but you have a higher chance of directing that knowledge into huge betting successes.
  • Move on. The only way to be productive in online gambling is to immediately get over losses. Don’t fret, pick yourself up, get up and move on.
  • Never chase your losses. If you have got a lousy day or two, don’t start chasing those losses by betting higher and hoping that you will eventually start to win big. You may find yourself steering for even harder times.
  • Disregard the tout services. Those so-called gurus sell you sure-fire picks for next games. The fact is that very few of these services surpass the break-even point of 52.3 percent, let alone prove a reasonable profit. To even out the poor returns, some services use bait-and-switch strategies (their services are not entirely free, as commonly advertised) or other dishonest practices to reel you in.
  • Ignore trends. How teams have done on bye weeks, on turf, on grass, or on the road, after Monday-night football matches with a full moon is frequently worthless information. Inadequate sampling makes mathematical analysis unreliable. And team composition changes so often nowadays that how the Giants did over the last five years may have insignificant reflection on current season.
  • Pay close attention on the key numbers. A couple of examples are the numbers three and seven in point spreads. A touchdown or a field goal decides most games. So before you make a bet, look around and you should see if you can get four or eight points in other casino for a similar game.
  • Look for the best line. Casinos and Internet sports books have different point spreads. In addition, one site may offer less of a vig (lower juice).  Those small differences can add up to huge prize over a long season, you shouldn’t be content with the first number that come up
  • Have a good money management. Be sure you have enough cash to last through the inevitable bad swings over a long season – which equals with at least fifty times the highest amount you bet on each game.
  • Never overreact. Although player’s injuries occasionally affect the expected game outcome, except if the injury is to a basketball superstar or a key pitcher, it does not have as a great deal of impact on the whole game as you may think. Those benchwarmers at the professional league are highly capable players, and in a few sports you find insignificant difference between subs and starters.
  • Try to be a contrarian. One of the most powerful and simplest strategies is to occasionally bet on the underdogs. Due to the overwhelming public’s focus with the marquee teams, oftentimes a small edge exists in wagering on the weaker teams.

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