Online Casino History

The year 1994 was the start of online casinos.  This is due to the law that was passed by Antigua and Barbuda’s government that allowed the issuance of gaming licenses.  This has opened the doors to various entrepreneurs that wanted to take advantage of the internet which was, by then, considered to be one of the best inventions.  The United States, however, still refrain from giving out licenses, which is why most of the online casinos that you see today come from the Caribbean, Asia and Europe.

Ingredients for an Online Casino

Another ingredient that was supplied by Microgaming is the reliability and functionality of the online casino.  They are the ones responsible to breathing life to casino games found online through their software.  Their software was widely used in different casino games such as poker and slots.  Today, Microgaming is still at the peak when it comes to the creation of software for online casinos.  With the internet still growing, Microgaming casinos make sure they stay on top of their game by providing companies with fast and reliable software for their casino games.

Online casinos found yet another challenge with their casino games, and that is the security of their customers.  Of course, most casino players are in doubt when it comes to online casinos since this means that you need to give information over an unsecured line.  This was answered by Cryptologic, which is a company known to provide online casinos with a secure line for their customers.  This was highly appreciated by both the companies and their clients.

Over the years, online casinos become popular with casino players.  Microgaming and Cryptologic started having competitions from other software manufacturers but are still considered one of the best companies that helped establish online casinos.  Two other companies have made their name in the online casino industry.  They are RTG and PlayTech casinos.  PlayTech is known to get customers from Microgaming since it launched its product.  Cryptologic found a competitor in Verisign.

Microgaming and Cryptologic worked side by side in order to create the first online casino, which is the InterCasino.  This was launched in 1996 where players can bet online.

Problems Encountered by Online Casinos

Though online casinos were slowly attracting people, there are still a number of people who tried to stop them from becoming legal.   Many of those think that online casinos should be banned, but in the end, online casinos were given the green light making them one of the most prevalent gaming networks in today’s technology.

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