Why Play Free Online Casino games

Let’s just face it, standing in front of that slot machine, pulling the lever continuously and waiting for fruit pictures to line up, quickly loses its luster when no real cash is involved and the prize is a mere showcase of fancy lights and bells. Gambling is entirely about the thrill of placing your cash on the line in hope of landing a big fat jackpot. Despite this seemingly an obvious presumption, however, free variants of games that are originally played for hard cash are highly popular on the internet. And, believe it or not, you will benefit from having a little experiment at the free online casino games for yourself.

So, why bother with free-play mode? You have two reasons why you need to do this and also a few reasons for site owners to offer free games.

First of all, playing in free-play games can be an inexpensive and serviceable way to get your feet wet. Many Web sites that offer gambling games for real-money betting also offer similar games for free. Online casino sites that feature casino games generally allow you to join and play without creating a real-money account: same graphics, same games, and fake cash. If you are apprehensive about playing with real money or you are just curious to see what it is all about, playing with fake money is the way to go. Or, perhaps you want to brush up on your playing skills before opening up your wallet. It is also a good opportunity to introduce yourself with a game of chance you have never played or even never heard before without having to worry about throwing your hard-earned money away.

While you are enjoying the fact that an online casino games isn’t costing you a cent, the owner of the Web site where you are playing is enjoying a fact that a future customer is doing a bit window-shopping. The object for free games is to get you inside the cyber casino and playing free games, whether it be blackjack, sports betting, bingo, or whatever. After you are in, their plan is to convert you into a real-money player. They will lure you with a casino welcome bonus from time to time.

Another reason to play in free games involves a substantially heftier incentive: cash. Some online casino sites offer games that won’t cost you a cent to join, but might earn you some very appealing prizes. These sites generate their income by selling advertising spots (which is expensive, because giveaways usually bring in heavy traffic). Actually, there are tons of online casino sites out there, a few of which absolutely have nothing to do with hard cash gambling that give away expensive prizes and money through free contests. Certainly, they all want you to give them your detailed personal information.

The most popular free games you will find are similar with common online casino games. Most are run by owners of real-money betting sites. While, some of which are projects crafted by computer science students with innovative ideas and too many time on their hands, some quality sites are developed by giant software companies or advertised by large media companies. A serious web site depends on heavy traffic for their success. Another highly popular free game is online bingo, which in most cases serves as a quick warm-up to real-money bingo players.

You will not find too much profit in the way of lotteries except with those that offer substantial prizes because choosing random numbers with the lack of monetary gratification is only as thrilling as watching old paint peel off the wall of a barn. Fake-money bets on horse racing and sporting events usually are not big hits either, even though a lot of online casino sites offer complimentary fantasy sports contests, which are highly popular. Generally, keep your eyes peeled, since new online sweepstakes, contests, and raffles, are constantly sprouting up like wild weeds.

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