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If you want an online casino bonus, then you have come to the right website, and thats NoBluff!  The casino bonus is also referred to as a casino promotion. The online casino bonus is the best way to earn extra money with online gambling.  If you want to investigate casino promotions right now, then just click on the link to the right, labeled “All Casino Promotions”

The following information is a comprehensive look into the online gambling industry as well as a brief history of NoBluff, the website.

The Beginning.

NoBluff was conceptually founded during December 2006, and was quickly developed as a typical resource link to online casino and poker sites. The main intent was to offer poker training for Texas Holdem however the marketplace was saturated, making it difficult for our product to stand out.

As the online casino and poker world exploded with popularity (when it was still legal in the USA), we turned our attention to offering online casino bonus as well as online poker bonus promotions to our visitors. We made a conscious effort to play at each online site so that we could stand by our recommendations, as well as avoid the fly by night casinos. We only dealt with safe online casino establishments, while promptly removing the sites that became suspect.

The Concept.

A lot of poker players, both online and live, have problems with bluffing, so I have personally used the “NoBluff” tactic in order to help me keep my cool when using a bluff to my advantage. Think about that for a second! If you personally believe you are not BLUFFING, then your posture, eye movements as well as your bluff tells, are non-existent.

How do you do this? Well what I do is imagine that I have the best hand, no matter what I have, if I have 72o, I imagine that my opponent has 62o (Assuming I am heads-up). If I have 23o, I imagine that my opponent has the exact same hand, so I always convince myself that I am at worst, level with my opponent.

This simple concept helps you keep cool during those stare-downs and heart pounding wait that precedes your opponent’s decision.

Online Casino Bonus


Online casino sites follow the same principle that brick and mortar casinos offer, which are known as casino complimentary promotions or comps for short. The internet casino developers followed suite and created the online casino promotion, as known as the online casino bonus.

In the beginning you had to use a bonus code in order to receive the bonus, however these days you just have to opt into the promotion, however you need to make sure of this as it is different from casino to casino. The are online casinos out there that have been known not to honor their casino bonuses, such as 32red, and feel assured that these types of casinos are banned at this site.

In my opinion the best online casino bonuses exist at casinos that offer consistent bonuses, such as monthly bonuses, high roller bonuses, deposit option bonuses. On top of this, most casino properties offer monthly casino bonus rewards or player loyalty points. As a player you can exchange player points for real casino money. The online casino bonus is definitely an edge that shouldn’t be ignored, in fact you should go out of your way to make sure the casino you have chosen, gives you the promotions that you deem fair. My final notes on this is that you must shop around in order to get the best LONG TERM deal.

At this stage you should know what a bonus is, so know I would like to offer you the one fantastic tip that helps you get decent bonuses on a monthly basis, this is something I do ALL the time. I have several online casino accounts on the go at the same time, all at different sites as well as making sure they are NOT sister sites, however that being said, 4 of the 5 casino account I have do not currently have any money in them. The reason for this is that I play at the one casino, while waiting for the other casinos to contact me via phone or e-mail, at which stage they put some free money into your account (Normally around $100), as well as offer you a decent deposit bonus (Normally 100% deposit match). By doing things this way I always have at least once decent bonus offer available to me.

Bonus Wagering and Withdrawal Restrictions.

You need to fulfill wagering requirements in order to release a casino bonus or poker bonus. What this essentially means is that you have to bet “x” amount of times before you can cash in the bonus. The wagering amount change from casino to casino, however at the end of the day these requirements have to be in place or else people would just withdraw the bonus immediately, does that make sense?

You should always check the wagering / betting requirements before you deposit money into a casino, or else you might have to perform an unfair number of wagers before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings.

  1. The typical wagering conditions at most online gambling establishments would most likely be something like this:
    Must bet a minimum of 30 times the deposit amount and 30 times the Bonus amount. So if you deposit $100 and the bonus is 200%, you will have $300 to play with. In the case of the aforementioned example you must bet $3000 for the deposit portion and then bet 30 x $200 = $6000 to cover the bonus portion, so in total you will have to wager $9000.
  2. There is sometimes another clause that is added for high rollers or jackpot winners, and that consists of a minimum wager times. The amount of times you will have to bet would be in the range of 100 times.
  3. If you are a first time depositor, then there could also be a hold on your account until your deposit amount have been cleared by your deposit method.
  4. There are many instances where cash back or loss insurance is given out as a bonus, and generally speaking most casinos waive the wagering requirements for these types of bonuses, which means you can immediately withdraw these funds.
  5. Another typical rule concerning wagering requirements is the types of games you play. In the beginning you could only clear a bonus through wagering requirements on online slot machines. This has thankfully changed, which means the more progressive casinos have allowed other games to count towards clearing your bonus.

There is a slight and understandable catch to this, and that is certain games have higher odds of winning, so for example you have a much higher chance of winning at black jack than you do at slots, so with this in mind you will have some sliding scale as to how much a particular game counts towards clearing a bonus. An example of a sliding scale would be something like this:

  • Slot Games count as 100% towards the wagering requirements in order to clear a casino bonus.
  • Video Poker games would count as 15% towards the wagering requirements in order to clear a online bonus.
  • Online casino Roulette, baccarat, Keno would count as 5% towards the wagering requirements in order to clear a casino bonus.
  • Blackjack would count as 2% towards the wagering requirements in order to clear a casino bonus.

Please remember that the above is an example and that it differs from Casino to Casino.

Online Poker Bonus

A rake in the poker sense is the dollar amount charged to each poker hand or poker tournament, and in some instances can be as much as 10% or even over. With this in mind I have made the conscious decision to not promote ANY online poker sites as I feel the price charged to play is way to high. At this stage the competition for the most popular poke site is not even a competition anymore, and in this case the clear winner is PokerStars, so essentially they can charge as much as they want as the competition is way to far behind.

I do still occasionally play poker, I play at PokerStars, however I can not in good conscience promote ANY online poker site.
Online Gambling

Online Poker

I would credit Chris Moneymaker as the person who brought online poker into popularity. Its ironic that Chris won a brick and mortar tournament (2003 World Series of Poker), and by doing this he created an influx of players into the online poker world. The reason for this is that Chris won the entry fee for the WSOP by playing in a online poker game.

Poker sites make money though the rake from ring tables, as well as entry fees from tournaments.

  1. There are several version of online poker available, including and not limited to (very basic descriptions will follow):
    Texas Hold’em – You receive two cards, you and all the other players have a choice of betting, checking, folding, raising and re-raising, the next round is a flop consisting of 3 cards, these are community cards that everyone can use in order to make the best hand. Another round of betting ensues. The next is the turn card with the same betting choices as mentioned before, then the river card with betting once again. The winner is the person with the best hand made of their two cards, plus three cards from the table (from the flop, turn or river cards.).
  2. Omaha – Each player gets four cards, and must make best hand from two of their own cards, plus 5 of the community cards.
  3. Omaha Hi/Lo – same as the above however the winner can be the best hand or the lowest hand.
  4. 5 Card Omaha – 5 Cards are dealt to each player, and there are also 5 community cards. The players must use 2 cards of their own plus 3 cards from the community cards.
  5. 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo – Same as above however there are two winners, the best high hand and the best low hand.
  6. Other games include Courchevel, Courchevel Hi/Lo, Stud, Stud Hi/Lo, Five Card Draw, Razz, 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw, 8-Game Mix, HORSE and Badugi

Online Casino

Also called internet casinos, or virtual casinos.

Online Sports betting

Other Online Gambling

Bingo and Lotteries would be considered as the other types of online gambling.

Secure Online Casino

A secure and ethical online casino should have most of the following links: –

  1. Terms & Conditions link.
  2. Fair gaming link.
  3. Both Visa and Mastercard should be available as a deposit option, even though you might not be able to use them from your particular location.
  4. A link to which is an independent authority for the online gaming industry.
  5. Responsible Gaming page – linking to at least one of: –

You can check what they have by going to the online casino home page, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and checking for links to the bullet point mentioned above.

Casino Software

"Online Casino Software

There are several casino game software developers. In most instances the online casinos do not create their own software, they instead pay a 3rd party in order to use their software. Due to the aforementioned, you will find lots of the same games across several casinos. This is great news for the players as you can still find your favorite game if you fall out of love with your current casino.

WGS Technology Casinos

They used to be called Vegas Technology Casino Software. Trusted online casinos still use this software. This brand is amazingly popular with USA players and according to them (their site) they can refuse new accounts registrations from New Jersey, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, Kentucky, Washington State, Maryland. I assume this means they allow the other 43 states to resister and play? Check on my philosophy as to how to simplify legal status of online casinos in your area. (Bottom of this page.)

Real Time Gaming (RTG)

They have been around since 1998, and are one of the major players in the online gaming industry. The have popular slots games like Count Spectacular, Super 6, Megasaur, Cleopatra’s Gold.


Playtech were founded in 1999, so they have been in the industry a long time and are one of the strongest developers of casino software in the marketplace, and are base around the world. The have a huge product range of over 500 online gambling based games.


As far as I know Microgaming have been around since 1994, right at the start of the online casino industry. The are based in the Isle of Man, and have a huge range of casino games above the 800 count. They tend to release new games quite often, which gives them an update appearance.


The Rival software has been around since 2006, and have over 150 unique games on both the desktop and mobile platform. Rival have all the major table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Let It Ride, etc.

Recommended Web Casinos


Our Banned Online Casinos

This is our personal list of online casinos that we will never play at, the list is a personal choice and the reasons might not be proven. You should also note that the listed casino here might have solved the issue that caused the banning, however we feel that the initial suspected infraction was so severe that they can NEVER be trusted in the future. There are enough online casinos out there so as to avoid what we think are the bad apples. Some trusted sources have brought issues to our attention, so not all the reasons below are ours.

If there are sister sites, meaning more than one site listed per line. The online casinos listed below might not be the owner of the suspected infraction as it could have been against any one of the sister casinos.  The same companies run the sister casinos, so I can not trust any of them.

  1. CasinoClub, Casino Las Vegas and Casino King
    • Banned in Canada?
    • Taxed Austrian players? who’s next?
    • Suspected player poaching?
  2. 32red, Nedplay, Dash, Casino Splendido, 32RedSport, Golden Lounge
    • Not honoring casino bonuses?

Simplifying Legal status

Casino Bonus Promotion

This is the way I do things in order to simplify legal status of whether I can play at a particular online casino or not. My method doesn’t mean its 100% legal, its just the way I do it as I can not decipher the gaming laws, I instead put the onus on the online casino (among others) to interpret the laws.

What I mean by this, is that I attempt to register to an online casino and if my country and/or state and/or province option is NOT available, well then I can’t sign up. If I can sign up, then the second test is my deposit, if I can deposit then all is ok in my opinion (I am not a lawyer, so this is not legal advice, this is just the way I do things as I can not get a straight answer from anyone).

Legal Status by Country

  • United States of America (USA)
    • Most people think that online gambling is illegal in the USA, however its not the cut and dry as a lot depends on what state you live in.
  • The UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain – consisting of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland)
    • It is legal to gamble if you are over 18 years old. The online casino itself needs either a licence, permit or registration in order to carry out business.
  • Canada
    • It is legal to gamble online in Canada. The online casino has to be owned and licenced in one of the provinces. The fact is that there are over 1000 offshore online casinos that do not prevent Canadian players from playing, and on top of that no one had been prosecuted for playing at the aforementioned casinos.
  • Australia
    • Sports betting, online casino and online poker is legal for residents of Australia. The catch is that it is illegal to provide these types of online gambling, which means the provider is performing an illegal activity, not the player.

Please note that this information can change in an instant, so please do not take the above information as still relevant. Check with the laws of your country for updates.



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